PENTAX Medical - Cookie Policy 

Cookies and similar techniques uses cookies or similar techniques (hereafter “Cookies”) whenever users visit or interact with the website (the “Site”). To the extent the information obtained through cookies is considered personal data, please be referred to our privacy policy.The Site uses the following cookies:


•    Technical communication and functional cookies 

PENTAX Medical uses cookies necessary to technically enable communication through the Site. Furthermore we use cookies to perform a function of the Site or a function requested by you. 

•    Google analytics cookies 

The Site also uses cookies placed by Google on our behalf to measure the quality and effectiveness of our site. We have entered into a contract with Google obliging it to only use the cookie information for these analytics purposes on our behalf. 

Apart from the processor agreement obliging Google Analytics only to use the cookie information for the above purposes on our behalf, Google analytics is obliged to remove the last 4 digits of the User’s IP address and to use the data separately from its other services. 

In case a user nevertheless wishes to opt-out of the use of these cookies, the user can do so by Google Analytics opt-out browser add-on (

Google analytics may store your data in Data centers in countriesoutside of the EU that do not offer an adequate protection level of your personal data. To make sure your data are nevertheless sufficiently protected, we have concluded with Google into EU model clauses for the protection of personal data. For more information please contact the Data Protection Officer, Europe, Arjan De Roos

Please note that cookies already placed before the adjustment, will not be removed if you do so. If you wish to remove existing cookies, you are referred to your browser settings.

Finally, PENTAX Medical has a legitimate interest to improve the contents of the website, its products and services according to an analysis of your on-site behavior and interactions with us.